Baked Easter Eggs

29 Mar

I have been browsing Pinterest lately and I came across something that I saw a few years back. Alton Brown had baked his Easter eggs right on the rack in his oven. He said the peels come off easier and the yolks come out perfectly cooked, every time. Well, I just got around to trying it today and it seems to have worked… sorta.

I took 2 eggs from the carton I had in my fridge for the last week and a half. (I bought fresh eggs from the store yesterday but everyone says the peel coming off easily is because the egg is older so I thought I should start there) I pre-heated my oven to 325F and stuck the eggs in a mini muffin pan.

Baked Eggs

When the oven got to temperature, I put them in and set a timer for 15 minutes. I wanted to make sure they baked evenly so I turned the pan halfway through the cooking time and flipped the eggs over with tongs. Then i set the timer for 15 more minutes. 30 minutes total cooking time.

Baked Eggs

After 30 minutes, they went into a nice icy bath! They bathed for another 20 minutes, til they were cool.

Baked Eggs

One egg was perfect on the outside! It was completely white.

Baked Eggs

As you can see, this egg has a little bit of brown spots on the outside. I think if you tried, you could probably wash them off enough that they wouldn’t make a difference if you wanted to dye them

Baked Eggs

The white egg peeled perfectly. The shell came off in like 2 pieces. The browned egg, the shell came off in a million tiny pieces and took some of the egg white with it.

Baked Eggs

The egg with the big brown spot is also the egg that had the browning on the shell. It tasted normal but it has a weird look for sure. If you are doing deviled eggs, you might want to stick to boiling so the whites stay perfect. Even the perfect egg had a very little bit of browning on the white. Maybe I need to bake it for less time or at a lower temperature?

Baked Eggs

The best part of this, is that the yolks look PERFECT. I have tried a million times to get the yolk to not have that green/grey line around the outside edge after you boil it. I can’t tell you how many different crazy things I have done to try to minimize it. It might be worth baking them just for the perfect yolks.

Baked Eggs

I am going to attempt to bake the 18 pack of eggs I have set aside for dying tomorrow. Hopefully, I won’t be disappointed! 😀

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