April Fool’s cupcakes!

01 Apr

Last night, I decided to do something different for April Fool’s day.  Usually you get a bunch of people pulling stupid pranks on their friends.  I didn’t want to do that.   I wanted everyone to be excited but puzzled when they saw my April Fool’s Joke and then once they realized the joke, be happy!

I went through my cupcake books because I remembered seeing a TV Dinner made of cupcakes. I found that and more! I seriously considered making the spaghetti and meatballs cupcakes from the same book, Hello Cupcake! by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson.  Then I opened up their second book What’s New, Cupcake? There I found what I thought would be the best cupcake for April Fool’s Day.  I went out yesterday and picked up the supplies I needed.  The recipes in the book call for various candies and I couldn’t find all of the exact things I needed. (apparently green nonpareils are hard to find in regular stores! I settled for Dark Green Sugar)  I ended up getting Starburst for the colored things like carrots and egg. I got Jelly Bellies for the peas. Airheads were the only green candies I could find so that is what makes up the broccoli. The cupcakes are vanilla with vanilla tinted frosting. I tried to take my time making them so that the details wouldn’t be lost.  Some of the other times I have made cupcakes from the books, I was in a hurry and something always came out off by a bit, which seriously made me angry. 😛 They took me around 4 hours from start to finish! 😀

Pork Lo Mein and Vegetable Fried Rice with Fortune Cookies for dessert (complete with fortunes!)

We put the Fortune cookies at the bottom of the Red Take Out boxes and delivered them to the guys working in the Halliburton office as well as, Ratalon’s family. Everyone thought they were adorable and said they were delicious as well! Score! 😀

Happy April Fool’s Day!!

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