Oreo Cupcakes

13 Mar

I have been wanting to make some sort of Oreo stuffed cupcakes since I saw the Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies on the internet a few weeks ago.  I have been busy making regular chocolate chip cookies lately and just haven’t gotten around to the cupcakes.  I changed that today.  It was a weird day because of DST so time is all wonky for us today.  Most of it was spent just watching movies.  I decided it would be perfect to do the Oreo Experiment.

I mixed up a box of Classic White cake mix using the whole egg recipe.  I did half the amount of oil and replaced the other half with applesauce.  It makes the cake a little bit more healthy.  I chose double stuf Oreos because they have more cream.  I figured if there was more cream in the center of the cookies, the less the chance would be that it would all melt away and leave 2 cookies sitting in the bottom of the cupcake liners. I baked them at 325F for around 18 minutes. My dark pans make them cook a lot faster than the box says.

I couldn’t decide which way would be best to place the Oreos in the cupcakes so I decided to do it 5 different ways.

In the first row (all the way left) I put a cookie into the bottom and added a scoop of cake batter on top.  For the middle I put the cake batter into the cup and put an Oreo on the top.  For the final side, I put a mini Oreo in the bottom and topped it with cake batter and 3 more mini Oreos.

For the second pan, I did the first row the same as the first pan.

For the second row, I put half a scoop of cake batter in the bottom of the cup and put an Oreo on top of that.  Then I topped it with another 1/2 scoop of batter.

For the third row, I put 3 mini Oreos in the bottom, a scoop of batter, and one mini Oreo on top.

Baking cupcakes!  Time to turn them!

Finished Pan 1

Finished Pan 2

Both pans

Cooling cupcakes


Extra Minis! (Some of these have mini Oreos)


This was a super fun experiment.  I haven’t eaten any yet but they all seemed to have baked up the way they should.  I frosted them with White frosting from Pillsbury and sprinkled some colorful daisies on top.  It was a lot of fun to experiment.  I will add how they tasted after we start eating some of them! 😀

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