Larry the Thanksgiving Turkey

07 Oct

24 Standard pumpkin spice cupcakes baked in white paper liners
24 mini size pumpkin spice cupcakes baked in white paper liners
You will need to double this recipe to get 48 total cupcakes.
1 box yellow cake mix
1 cup canned pumpkin
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
3/4 cup buttermilk
1/3 cup oil
4 large eggs
Make as directed by the package instructions.

1 cup vanilla frosting
1/2 cup chocolate frosting
24 thin ginger-flavored scalloped edge cookies (Anna’s Ginger Thins)
2 cups candy corn
1 1/2 cups caramel jimmies (sprinkles)
1 can plus 1 cup caramel frosting
24 pieces indian candy corn
48 brown chocolate covered sunflower seeds
1 roll red fruit leather (fruit by the foot)
24 graham cracker sticks
12 marshmallows

1. Spoon the Vanilla and chocolate frosting into separate ziplock bags, press out the air and seal. Snip 1/8-inch corner from the bag with the vanilla frosting and pipe a dot of frosting on 7 adjacent scallops on each ginger cookie to make the tail fan. Add a piece of candy corn to each dot of frosting, pointed end facing in.

2. Place the caramel jimmies in a small shallow bowl. Spread the caramel frosting on top of all the cupcakes, standard and mini, and smooth. Roll the edge of the standard cupcakes in the jimmies. Dip the top edge of the mini cupcakes in the jimmies.

3. Press 1 piece of indian candy corn into the center of each mini cupcake, flat side down, for the beak. Pipe 2 dots of the vanilla frosting above the beak for the eyes and insert 2 brown sunflower seeds, pointed and down. Cut the red fruit leather into 24-1 1/2 inch long teardrop shapes and lay them over the beak to make the wattle.

4. Snip a 1/8 inch corner from the bag with the chocolate frosting and pipe names on the flat side of the graham cracker sticks.

5. Enlarge the hole in the corner of the bag with the chocolate frosting to 1/4 inch. Using clean scissors, cut the marshmallows in half on the diagonal. Place 1 marshmallow half, cut side down, near the edge of one of the standard cupcakes, with the tapered end facing the center, to make a support for the tail. Pipe a dot of chocolate frosting on the tapered end. Place the tail cookie on the marshmallow, pressing the undecorated edge into the frosting on the marshmallow. Add the mini cupcake head on top so that half of it is resting on the undecorated edge of the cookie and the other half is pressed lightly into the frosting to secure.

6. Add the graham cookies at the base of the mini cupcakes, securing with a dot of frosting.

7. Arrange the turkeys on the table as place cards. Place 2 candy corns on the table in front of each turkey to make the feet.

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