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Easter Bunnies

Carter and I made Easter Bunnies today!! They are adorable. Made of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, some robin eggs, jelly beans, Easter Basket Eggs, and chocolate covered sunflower seeds. We were supposed to use White Circus Peanuts for the feet but we could only find orange here. We decided to use the easter basket eggs and boy, was that hard to do. In the end, they came out adorable tho.

We haven’t eaten any yet but they are sure to be delicious!

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We decided to make pizza the other night with a store bought dough. We got it from the new Fresh and Easy market. It was really simple to work with and they came out awesome. My father in law gave us what he thought was basil, but turned out to be a random plant that my mother in law had in the garden. Thank goodness we didn’t get sick! 😛

BBQ Chicken Pizza


Getting ready to cook!

Half and Half cooked


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Garden Party

We are having a yard sale tomorrow so I thought it would be cute to make a set of garden party cupcakes and put them in a basket for the ladies. They came out adorable but were a ton of work. Totally worth it tho. Carter and I worked for 5 hours making the little veggies out of various types of candies.

Giant mess!

Lettuce Leaves!




The basket they are in is an adorable basket that one of the ladies was selling at our yard sale. I snatched it up and the cupcakes fit in there perfectly!

Candies we used in the making of the veggies (the cupcakes were just yellow cake mix and chocolate frosting):
Orange Starburst
Green Jolly Rancher fruit chews
Red Jolly Rancher fruit chews
green and yellow candy streamers
green M&Ms
candy coated sunflower seeds
corn flakes
white airhead
white melting chocolate (tinted yellow because thats what I had on hand)
ground up Famous Wafers (for the dirt on top)

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