Solstice’s burgers!

15 Aug

This is how they started out. 1/2 pound of 80/20 meat in a bowl with a bunch of seasonings. I used Panko Bread crumbs instead of crackers and I left out the seasoning salt. I just put in as much as looked good of each item because I didn’t do a full recipe.

I then cooked the bacon… a little too long it seems.

Building the burgers

With what little bacon I could salvage… one slice would have been plenty for this had I not burned it.

I sealed them up really well… I thought I did anyways.

Well, these are the completed burgers. They were a little burned and they definitely split open but they were still tasty!

Complete and on the plate:

Complete with noodles!!

The noodles were pretty meh, but they were decent. I loved the burgers even though I burned them a llittle. I will totally be making them again. Shavenewok is also going to be making them again. He and I had the same problem when making them tho… they split open! The cheese remains in the burger but it splits open along the sides. Solstice, is there a trick to this? I would love to make them for my inlaws but they gotta look good too 😛

Shavenewok also encouraged Ratalon and I to go out and get some Tim Tams from Australia at the Wolrd Market.

We also found Mint Slices made by the same company.

We haven’t tasted them yet but I’ll update the post when we do. We are definitely having them for dessert tonight! 😀 Everyone should totally try Solstice’s burgers… they are delicious and easy as well! 😀

TimTams are freakin awesome to the max!


The mint creme ones taste sorta like Thin Mints (from the Girl Scouts)

A++++ would purchase again!!

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